Prohibitions for Shipping to Estonia

Perishable infectious biological substances.
Perishable noninfectious biological substances.
Radioactive materials.
Coins, bank notes, currency notes; traveler's checks; securities payable to bearer; platinum, gold, or silver (manufactured or not); precious stones, jewelry, and other valuable articles.
Arms, munitions, and parts and accessories thereof.
Explosive and pyrotechnics articles; combustible materials.

Restrictions for Shipping to Estonia

1. Articles subject to customs duty may not be sent in ordinary or registered First-Class Mail International items, including the Priority Mail International flat-rate envelope.
2. Flour and preparations of cereals are permitted to private persons subject to inspection by quarantine officials.
3. Medicines, narcotic and psychotropic substances; other products used in medical treatment are subject to prior authorization by the Estonian Ministry of Social Maintenance Health Department or by the Estonian State Department of Veterinary.
4. Wireless transmission equipment is subject to addressee's compliance with import restrictions, permits, or quota conditions.